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  • If you are planning a renovation project, are updating the floors in your home or are simply looking to create a show piece for your room, our French polishing services in London could be the answer. Due to our longevity as specialists in wood renovation, we genuinely take great pride in restoring wood to best show its natural characteristics.
  • Trained in the techniques of colour matching and bespoke staining, we’re able to transform furniture by removing scratches, marks, burns and other damage to give it a new lease of life that will last for years to come. If you have an antique piece of furniture that needs a little TLC or if you’d rather repurpose an old piece instead of spending out on something new, the craftsmen at Barfords can deliver a professional service, high-standards of quality and cost-effective solutions.

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    What is French Polishing?

    Traditional wooden furniture can be expensive to replace, and a cheaper alternative would be to overhaul your current piece of furniture by using the French polishing technique. This technique involves applying shellac to wood in layers to create a glossy, smooth and rich surface that showcases the grain of the wood. This specialist technique is best undertaken by skilled craftsmen who have the necessary experience to ensure that your wooden article is successfully restored to its former glory – fortunately, Barfords come highly-rated as specialists in French polishing across London.

    Advantages of French Polishing

    As a popular choice for French polishing in London, we have seen our customers benefit from French polishing many times. To help you decide if French polishing is the right option for you, here are some of its main benefits!

    Faithful restorations

    This time-honoured technique can bring life and character to your wooden articles and can quickly become the focal point of a room. Whether it’s a grand bookcase, chest of antique drawers, vast sleigh-bed or a simple coffee table, we work together with you to faithfully restore your piece to its former glory.

    Durable and resilient

    French polishing is a finish that is durable and resilient to wear, scratches, flaking and cracking. Our French polishing also plays a large role in ensuring the life span of your furniture, including doors and windows, helping you get the most out of our services and maximum value for money.

    Natural and non-toxic

    Shellac resin is naturally occurring and non-toxic which means that it is a safe solution for those with children or pets. It is also better for the environment as harmful spray polishes aren’t needed to maintain the shine and gleam.

    Cheaper than replacing furniture

    French polishing is a cheaper alternative to buying new furniture and it often means that we can keep hold of those sentimental pieces that have always had a place in our homes.

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    Please feel free to give us a call today for a friendly chat with one of our professionals

    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say about our floor sanding services…

    “Barfords restored our nearly 70 year old parquet flooring, which had been covered by carpet for many years. The work was completed on time, and it now looks like a new floor!”

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    “A wonderful, clean, speedy job restoring our 50 year old teak parquet which has been hidden under carpets for many years.”

    Happy Customer

    “Barfords were excellent. The floor was transformed from an old orange colour, to looking fresh and brand new. I would definitely recommend!”

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    “Throughout the process the communication was great and they went the extra mile to make the flooring how we wanted it!”

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    Barfords, restore anything, from antique flooring to modern grey styles and natural finishes. All with an environmental awareness and in a professional and friendly manner. We also restore most woodwork, and offer free estimates.

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