We spent several months restoring the panelling, flooring and furnishings in this Edwardian rectory. Much of the wood in the building was a mixture of Pine and Oak, and the client (advised by Historic England) decided that all of the furnishings in the building should resemble Pine.

For this, we employed a technique known as Graining, in which the appearance of a different species of wood is applied ontop of the existing wood, altering its appearance significantly. The technique is very time-consuming and demands a lot of attention, but every piece of grained wood is entirely unique. We use a mix of natural oils, pigments and tools to create the appearance of Pine.

In addition to graining, we also restored several pine doors, window frames and fitted reclaimed pine boards to fill a void in a room. We searched high and low to track down a good match, sourcing a good batch of pine from an old barn. Fitted alongside the existing floorboards, we had to address a few problems. Our new wood, while roughly the same age and species, had been stored in a completely different environment. It was clean and largely dirt-free, whereas nobody had been in the rectory for (we estimate) at least forty years, and during this time the floor had been uncovered. Dust and dirt had bitten into the grain of the floor, giving it a different appearance, even after thorough sanding. In addition, a large rug had once taken up much of the floor space. All wood is susceptible to UV-light staining, and this floor is no exception. In the picture below, you can see the clear line on the right side of the picture where a rug had once been.

The floor was sanded carefully several more times to even out the grain inconsistencies before being treated with a natural oil stain to help it match the skirting, windows and fireplace. Each oil coat can take up to 20 hours to dry, making this a very time consuming process. In each coat, we used different pigments to blend boards into oneanother, easing out any harsh differences between boards to create a seamless finish.

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